Red Hut Trading was founded in 2016 by Kim & Ian, we have both been interested in printing and photography for some time but our interest in screen printing has developed since Kim took part in a week long course at summer school at Hastings College. Our new found knowledge has allowed us to screen print from within our own home using traditional hand printing methods, developing our skills as we go!

We are nestled in the trees just off the beach in Rye Bay and often go out walking with our cameras enjoying the ever changing seascape and range of wildlife that we are blessed with within this lovely part of the country. Some of our photos have made it into screen print.

The range we are producing at the moment is just the start in our screen printing journey, we are hoping to add more original works as we progress. We are also planning to hand print bespoke personalised items on request.

We enjoy printing these items, we hope you enjoy using them as well!